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  • Core Tools Course

    Core Tools is a 2-day training course that provides an understanding of effective interfaces between suppliers and customers by providing a common language and process for designing and manufacturing products and how the core tools are used. This course is not Exemplar Global Certified.


    Course Competency Units:

    • APQP – Advanced Product Quality Planning - Defines the process for developing new products complete with milestones, reviews, actions, verification, validation and approvals throughout the process.
    • FMEA – Failure Mode Effects and Analysis – Introduces how to determine the potential and actual process and product failure modes, how to analyze the risks of the failure modes and establish controls to mitigate the high priority risks. FMEAs can be conducted for designs (DFMEA) and processes (PFMEA).
    • MSA – Measurement System Analysis – Understand the methods used to assure that the measurements taken are accurate and reliable.
    • SPC – Basic Statistical Process Control – Define the tools used to monitor processes, to identify out of control processes and determine special and common causes to correct issues before product quality is affected.
    • PPAP – Product Part Approval Process – Define the automotive industries standardized structure for customer-supplier communications and exchange of data related to specification and requirements for products, parts and materials.


    Course Structure:

    • APQP (3 hours)
    • FMEA Training (6 hours)
    • Measurement System Analysis (2 hours)
    • Basic SPC (3 hours)
    • PPAP (2 hour)


      Learning Objectives:

      • APQP – Take participants through all phases of the APQP process with an overview of Control Plans.
      • FMEA – Provides detailed instructions on how to conduct both Design and Process-FMEAs.
      • MSA – Understand measurement system studies including assessment of linearity, stability, repeatability, and reproducibility. Define ways to improve measurement systems including gage management and calibration.
      • SPC – Provides a solid understanding of variation and the statistics which control charts are based on, including the use of the most common variable and attributes control charts including x-bar & R-charts, moving average charts, p-charts.
      • PPAP – Participants will learn what PPAP’s are, why they are important and how to conduct a PPAP by fulfilling all 18 elements for PPAP submission packages.


      Course Materials:

      • Students Receive course manual/materials and workbooks.
      • AIAG Core Tool Manuals are not used during this training.
      • Participants who wish to have a copy of these manuals may purchase them through the AIAG Store


      Who Should Attend:

      • Managers responsible for product and process design
      • Engineers
      • Quality Managers, Quality Engineers
      • Product Design and Development
      • Project Managers
      • Internal Auditors


      Required Prerequisites:

      • Knowledge of Automotive Requirements is recommended


      Course Deliverable:

      Courses are taught by instructors with subject matter expertise. Certificates of Successful Completion will be provided for students who are deemed "Competent" for each competency unit. Certificates of attendance are provided to those who do not pass the competency test(s). Students will be given the opportunity to retake the test(s).

      Core Tools

      • Notebook & Pen
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